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Here's a link to listen to The Lord's Prayer on the album Songs for Liturgy.


<![CDATA[Sanctus (by Justin Brooks)]]>Sat, 20 Apr 2013 16:15:00 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/music/sanctus-by-justin-brooks
Here is a link to listen to the Sanctus by Justin Brooks on the album Songs for Liturgy.


<![CDATA[Gloria Patri]]>Sat, 20 Apr 2013 16:09:20 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/music/gloria-patri
This is a link to listen to the Gloria Patri from the album Songs for Liturgy.


<![CDATA[Upon a life I did not live]]>Sat, 09 Feb 2013 13:32:48 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/music/upon-a-life-i-did-not-livePicture
OK Folks! This is the next song we're going to learn! 
It's from the new Indelible Grace album, "Joy Beyond the Sorrow"
The song is called "Upon a life I did not live" by Sandra McCracken.
You can listen to it here, as well as see the words. 
Sheet music below! Click on "Fullscreen" to see the sheet music a bit better.
If you like this, you can listen to the whole album here.