<![CDATA[Shanemeister.com - Blog O' Shanemeister]]>Sun, 20 Dec 2015 07:46:34 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Donald Miller on the Church - The author clarifies his thoughts on the Church and community.]]>Mon, 24 Feb 2014 16:54:26 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/blog-o-shanemeister/donald-miller-on-the-church-the-author-clarifies-his-thoughts-on-the-church-and-communityThis article was quite interesting. I like this quote:

"What I love about Jesus is that He just works within this mess. He's not waiting for us to get it perfect in order to do something"

Read more at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/church/donald-miller-church#Ryv9YFiIlfJt7xUW.99"]]>
<![CDATA[May 04th, 2013]]>Sat, 04 May 2013 14:35:45 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/blog-o-shanemeister/may-04th-2013“Prayer of an 'Anonymous' Abbess:

Lord, thou knowest better than myself that I am growing older and will soon be old. Keep me from becoming too talkative, and especially from the unfortunate habit of thinking that I must say something on every subject and at every opportunity.

Release me from the idea that I must straighten out other peoples' affairs. With my immense treasure of experience and wisdom, it seems a pity not to let everybody partake of it. But thou knowest, Lord, that in the end I will need a few friends.

Keep me from the recital of endless details; give me wings to get to the point.

Grant me the patience to listen to the complaints of others; help me to endure them with charity. But seal my lips on my own aches and pains -- they increase with the increasing years and my inclination to recount them is also increasing.

I will not ask thee for improved memory, only for a little more humility and less self-assurance when my own memory doesn't agree with that of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be wrong.

Keep me reasonably gentle. I do not have the ambition to become a saint -- it is so hard to live with some of them -- but a harsh old person is one of the devil's masterpieces.

Make me sympathetic without being sentimental, helpful but not bossy. Let me discover merits where I had not expected them, and talents in people whom I had not thought to possess any. And, Lord, give me the grace to tell them so.

― Margot Benary-Isbert
<![CDATA[Daily Walk]]>Tue, 05 Mar 2013 18:07:00 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/blog-o-shanemeister/daily-walkPicture

Every day at work I have to walk across the campus to drop off some paperwork at another department. The walk today was good for me. It's a bit brisk outside and very sunny. Quiet, because it's spring break (no kids on campus!).  It's amazing how just a little bit of time outside walking around did wonders for my mood!

<![CDATA[Stuck in a rut?]]>Sat, 16 Feb 2013 02:40:49 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/blog-o-shanemeister/stuck-in-a-rut
Here's my typical work day:
  • 6am - Wake up, get cleaned up and grab a quick cup of coffee 
  • 7:15am - Go to work 
  • 5pm - Leave work and head home
  • 5:45pm - Arrive home to be welcomed by my dogs. And my family :)
  • Rest of the night - dinner, watch some news on the TV and hanging out with the family.

I try to do some reading when the kids are all in bed, but it's been difficult lately. By the time I open up my book or bible, I nod right off to sleep.

Then the alarm goes off and I do it all over again.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut. 

A while back I was talking with a friend, and I explained how I felt that my piano skills were stuck. I had plateaued and wanted to improve but didn't know what to do. I ran a few ideas past him, but it was mostly me just thinking out loud. I had no intention of actually taking any of those ideas and implementing them.
He looked straight at me and said, "So, what are you going to do about it?"  
I was taken aback just a little bit, because the tone of his voice wasn't with the intent of just asking a question. "if you really want to get better, you have to get off your butt and work at it. Get out there and play music with people that are better than you. Put yourself in situations that aren't comfortable."

He was right. 

So, I decided to apply his advice to the rest of my daily life. I'm going to tweak this routine of mine.  My reading time isn't working so well at night. So I'm going to read on my lunch break.  I've been a bit uninspired with my job lately.  And I shouldn't be.  I like running a bookstore. So I signed up to go to a national book show next week. Speaking of an uncomfortable situation!  I have to fly to get there (I hate flying!) and I have to talk to lots of people I don't know.
I am, however,  looking forward to learning new things and finding some new ideas that I can use back home.

Are you in a rut? So, what are you going to do about it?
<![CDATA[This is gonna take some time]]>Sat, 09 Feb 2013 01:23:00 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/blog-o-shanemeister/this-is-gonna-take-some-time
After MANY MANY years of collecting junk, I've discovered that I don't need most of it. I can't walk thru my house.
So, I've started on a journey. I'm off-loading. Getting rid of all this stuff that's cluttering my house and weighing me down. 

Last week I started going thru my books. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The books that are leaving my house will go to someone else that may need to read them. It's all good. 

Did you notice the spiritual side of the quote above? If you got junk in your heart, off-load it. Give it to God. Then you will be able to reach out for something new.
<![CDATA[Textbook prices]]>Sat, 09 Feb 2013 00:39:19 GMThttp://shanemeister.weebly.com/blog-o-shanemeister/textbook-pricesPicture
I'm the manager at Hiram College Bookstore, in Hiram, Ohio.
(It's a bookstore for a small private college out in the middle of Nowhere, Northeast Ohio).

I'm working on something new - competitive textbook pricing. I spent the whole afternoon going thru lists of books for our upcoming semester and lowering prices. It's a bit tedious, but I hope the students appreciate it!  We're using an on-line tool called Verba. The students will be able to go on our bookstore website and compare our textbook prices with Amazon and many other sources. 

In just the few years I've worked at Hiram I've seen textbook prices skyrocket. My staff and I are working hard trying to find some creative solutions for our students. Hopefully this will be one more way that I'm able to help.